Our Program

Infants Program (3-18 months)

In our infant program, the infants are provided with a safe, healthy, comfortable and nurturing environment that resembles their home and it is a wonderful environment to introduce young children to child care. Our experienced, nurturing, and educated teachers thrive to develop trusting and long term relationships with each child and family to ensure a comfortable transition into the daycare centre.

We are committed to providing our infants with a flexible transitioning that would take into account the individual needs of each child through accommodating different schedules, multiple naps, food preferences and more. The transitioning starts with a smooth and gradual introduction to our infant program routines where the infants will have the opportunity to continue their home routine until there are completely comfortable to be introduced to the infant program daily schedule.
During the course of a day the infants will engage in many hands-on activities such as manipulative and sensory activities, art, circle time, story time, music and outdoor time including a neighborhood walk. Our infants receive unconditional love and attention from their caregivers through hugging, playing, talking, singing, and doing individual activities.
At PLL, we encourage continuous communication with parents that is of primary importance. Parents will be given daily reports of their child's routine/day and overall progress. At PLL, all staff ensure that every child is provided with an opportunity to feel confident and positive about their first experience outside the home.

Toddlers Program (18 - 30 months)

Our Toddler program offers a more educational and structured individual and group activities with a schedule that includes plenty of stimulating indoor and outdoor experiences. A balance of planned and free play opportunities through exposure to a variety of materials is provided to facilitate their independence throughout the daily routines.

Children are given the opportunities to explore, learn, play, and enjoy the activities in small groups with friends, and as part of a larger group. Toddlers' daily program plans cover different areas of development that include: early math/ language, early printing, arts/crafts, story time, sensory, and active activities.
Our Toddler program aims to provide healthy and smooth transition from home to school by developing, fostering, and improving social skills.

Preschool Program(2.5 to 5 years)

At PLL, we provide developmentally appropriate practices that aim to promote and foster the desire to provide a safe, educationally and socially enriching environment in which children can learn to be self-confident, independent, effective problem solvers, valuable participants in social settings, and future leaders.

The program seeks to stimulate the child's innate curiosity, and encourage development for all children based on their individual levels of development.
Using various curriculum models – Emergent Curriculum, Montessori and Hand Writing without Tears – children get the chance to be involved in a variety of activities that foster their love of learning and discovery. Some elements of the program are more structured, and some depend on the choice of the child, offering an excellent introduction to self-guided learning.
The preschool program concentrates on developing children’s skills within a developmentally appropriate practices framework. A balance of play based, child centred, and teacher directed programs and activities through group and individual project work will enable the children to expand their skills in language, mathematics, science, social/emotional skills, music, visual arts, drama, and gross/fine motor skills. Daily routines will provide the child the opportunity to practice life skills such as taking care of their physical needs, regulating emotions and feelings, participating in individual and group activities, playing cooperatively, following instructions, accomplishing tasks, and employing skills to be happy and effective participant in a variety of social settings.